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Pat Coll and the team at Draftline in Timaru design great spaces for living – and a home they designed last year, clad in A-lign, has been a winner for them.

Draftline designed the substantial country home which won a gold award for Aorangi Homes at the South Canterbury Registered Master Builders’ 2011 House of the Year awards.

Pat was interested to see how the builderfriendly A-lign cladding system helped Aorangi to bring Draftline’s blueprint for the home from drawing board to reality.

“A-lign is just a very well thought out product. It’s easy to fix, and it’s very adaptable when you want to do detailed work such as columns.”

“A-lign is the right product at the right time”, Pat says.

“There has been a real resurgence of interest in using timber weatherboards. From a design point of view the lines of weatherboard are nice, and they work well alongside other materials, like plaster and schist.”

The Draftline-designed home fits the rural landscape around Albury near Timaru.

“You sometimes see a modern house placed in the landscape that sticks out like a sore thumb. By contrast, the Albury house, which is the largest all-timber house we’ve done, just fits in really well against that beautiful South Canterbury backdrop. It’s a classic, ageless farm home that just happens to be newly built.”

Pat’s next major A-lign job is a beach house.

“We’ll use the new A-lign Concealed Fix for that job. The nail-free fixing of the weatherboards is ideal for a coastal environment.”

We will follow up with Pat when their A-lign Concealed Fix design has moved from rough to reality.